27 October, 2011

By The Way...I Have a Blog

Thus far my blog has been fairly self-serving, quiet  and infrequently updated; I have been close-mouthed about its existence and used it primarily for recipe posts, with the occasional "thoughts" or reflection-style writing.
I'd like that to change however, first by admitting to and revealing this blog to my general acquaintances (surprise!) and second, by introducing two other sides of my writing passion; creative writing (such as poems and perhaps the occasional play or short story) and journalism.

For the past 3 months I have been doing an internship with a News Service at my college, writing articles for a couple local news agencies here on the North Shore of Massachusettes; The Salem News and The Boston Globe. The Salem News has printed most of my articles in its paper as well as put them online and the Globe has published some of them on their Your Town sites - all of my (and the two other interns' articles) can be found here.

So that's it...this is my general announcement (since most people missed it when I first started) that I have a blog! And also, that I am a reporter.