08 January, 2014


I went outside tonight,
and wasn’t supposed to.

I was supposed to be
locking the house
taking down decorations
cooking mealies,
But I leaned outside the door
and outside looked so full,

So I stepped into it.

It was turning dark out there,
My feet felt good in the pool.
I lay on concrete stones
Under the grey-blue 
and stretching behind the house
saw still white-streaked clouds.
The bats were out – 
dipping for a drink. Behind
the roof two fir-trees have 
a bad haircut.
The trees around
must laugh;
We chopped off their heads
so they won’t fall on the house.

The yellow window lights
were in the pool,
The buzzing, tapping crickets
were just as loud as cars
and I smelt chlorine.

I lay outside, 5 minutes.

I thought
I should go in;
The water would be boiling
the veggie shepherd’s pie, 
the table needed setting.

There was a frog hopping by,
across the doorway, sneaking
to his place in the drainpipe.
“Mister Frog,” I warned,
You better not hop inside,
you better not croak all night.

I went outside tonight,
when I wasn’t supposed to
and it was beautiful.
I wanted to share it with you

But you aren’t here.