01 November, 2012

Texting Girls

I love working at an American Christian College – it’s amazing the conversations you overhear. Take this morning for example:

Two friends, both male, sitting just inside my office, waiting for an appointment. Both have their phones out.

Eli: So, there’s this girl and –
Mike: wait, stop. Did you just say girl?
Eli: yeah. Girl.
Mike: oh. Thought so.
Eli: So there’s this girl and she’s been texting me.
                She’s been texting me -
Mike: You should reply.
Eli:  - but it’s, like, really weird. I think someone’s using my phone to text her and then deleting the messages and then she’s replying. (reads from his phone) “OMG. You hungry? Come get my ID card from MacDonald.”
Mike: you know her?
Eli: yeah but…
Mike: Maybe she’s just into tall, gangly, hickville kinda guys.
Eli: Maybe.
ok, I said, “which Macdonald, the auditorium or the building?”
Mike: You texted her?
Eli: Yeah.
Mike: that’s like...weird.
Eli: What?
Mike: Yeah man, that’s like, mean.
Eli: Well you told me to.
Mike: I feel like there’s so many times where I’ve told you to do stupid things and you’ve done them.
Eli: Really?
Mike: Nah.

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