25 July, 2010

Goodbye 7 Pine

I have been house-sitting for a couple of my professors for the past 2 weeks. Being so far from home and living in the campus dorms has made me miss some of the simple things of a "normal" life; taking care of pets, having my own kitchen & pantry, sitting outside drinking ice-tea and reading the paper (or just doing the cross-word in my case...). But house-sitting gives me a chance to do some of the "domestic" things I've missed. It was two weeks of wonderful relaxation!

Sadly the two weeks is done.
This poem is a little tribute to my time there :)

This place has been my own;
A space
In time and life to be alone;
To escape and hide myself
From reality.

I shared it with no one;
It was solely mine,
For a time.

I shall miss you, 7 Pine.

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